Friday, October 23, 2009

Goodbye...... maybe

So fileden doesn't look like it's ever going to fix my files and I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to programing.

I've got new Petra Puppy pages to upload, but since my site is STILL FUCKED, I might just quit Madame Zelda's all together.

Good Day.


Seifer said...

I do hope you reconsider quitting, your comics are very fun to read. Would you consider moving to FurAffinity or Geocities or something where you can upload your work?

Katalina said...

Like the above poster, I truely hope you do not quit your comic.
Perhaps there's a way to fix this?

Maybe not with This place, but another? Such as Fur Affinity, or perhaps another place?

If you can get a domain, i can help build you a basic site. I just Really don't want to see this go away.

Good luck..and remember there Are fans willing to help :)


TerSmi said...

yes, I've been a fan for a while, seriously, move to Fur Affinity at

we'll appreciate you there $$$

Seifer said...

It's been over two weeks, do you have a decision on if you plan to move or anything? I hope you reconsider quitting, a lot of people enjoy your comics.

Angela said...

Actually, a lot of good comics are "hosted" on Fa, and you'd get more comments, and faves i'm sure.

If it is something you choose to do, I know that I'll certainly be watching you. :)

[I would on DA but, honestly i'm hardly ever there. ]