Saturday, November 14, 2009

I'm back baby. Adult Baby that is

Ok, so I was a tad dramatic a few weeks ago when I said I was thinking about quitting Madame Zelda's. I finally finished scanning and re-upping my buttons, I made a few changes and I added a links page (which I'll update as time goes on.)
As for everybody who suggested I move to FA(fur affinity,) FORGET IT! First off, I'm NOT A FURRY (not that I have anything against those that are,) frankly I don't particularly like most conventional 'fur' art ( and I never intended this comic as a, I was, and am continuing to attempt to make a "funny animal" comic.
Secondly, FA only really gets traffic from furries and I'm trying to appeal to ALL kinksters as well as vanillas who enjoy vintage styled, gross out comix.
Finally, FA requires a log in for adult content, which would further, eliminate my non furry audience, which, believe it or not, make up the majority of my audience.

So, again I say, there's nothing wrong with being a furry, but I'm not and neither is my comic. I do appreciate the concern and I hope I don't need to ever rescan and upload my files ever again.