Thursday, March 31, 2011

Candy's Cotton Tale and Inking Catastrophe

Well, here's the next installment of the critically denounced mini-comic A Candy Cotton Tale, in page four we'll be introduced to some new characters in Nanny Goat's Nursery.

And speaking of characters, I've begun illustrating character profile pictures, and my goal is to have a complete character guide for Madame Zelda's. I figure there's about 70 characters in all right now. It'll take a while to get them all drawn and online, but expect that to start soon.

As for the inking catastrophe I mentioned.
The pin fell out of my 6X0 rapidograph and I can't afford a new one. So I won't be inking any new pages till I can buy a new one; They cost about $40.
 Of course if someone wanted to see new pages bad enough the could donate $40 via the donate button, or even better EMT the money to my e-mail address: (since I'd get this money instantly.) I have the next page of Candy's Cotton Tale halfway inked, so if I had that pen I could update in a couple days. If only...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More of that scheming puss Miss Kitty

Here it is the next page in the story of the Perils of Piggy Painslut.

On another note, I've often wondered if people realize just how small some of these panels are. I'm kind of an obsessive graphomaniac and I constantly find myself breaking pages into smaller and smaller panels and adding more and more detail to said panels.
So here's the spoiler panel with a Canadian dime on it (approx. 18mm across.) I literally just placed the dime on the scanner ad laid the sketchbook over top. Maybe that's interesting to you or maybe it's not, but there it is.

Seeya soon, and DONATE NOW!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Donate NOW!!!

So, I'm broke. Broke broke broke broke broke broke broke BROKE!

But you cherished reader can help by clicking the donation button above and on every page of my comic.
For every $35 donation to the cause of this smut I'll update the comic you request the following week, and for smaller donations I'll take your requested comic under serious consideration and I'll update a week later if I get $50 worth of cumulative requests. PLEASE DONATE.

Don't worry, I'll still be updating at my own snail's pace regularly if no body donates, although it'll be much slower if my internet gets shut off due to non payment.