Friday, March 4, 2011

Donate NOW!!!

So, I'm broke. Broke broke broke broke broke broke broke BROKE!

But you cherished reader can help by clicking the donation button above and on every page of my comic.
For every $35 donation to the cause of this smut I'll update the comic you request the following week, and for smaller donations I'll take your requested comic under serious consideration and I'll update a week later if I get $50 worth of cumulative requests. PLEASE DONATE.

Don't worry, I'll still be updating at my own snail's pace regularly if no body donates, although it'll be much slower if my internet gets shut off due to non payment.


Anonymous said...

Hurr, I would because then I could get more of the ones I like (nanny goat and cedric [the diaper part]), but at the moment im having a difficult time affording food (insane bill suprises this month so)

Sorry and good luck

SissyBaby said...

Sorry I'm in the same boat as you

Anonymous said...

Get bitcoin at put a # up on this site and I'll donate immediately.