Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Huge Upload Day!!

Hey, everybody! I've been sitting on this stuff for almost a week, but I've been busy finishing the poster and preparing for my first art show in 5 years. The poster and the info is at the bottom of this post, though the work appearing in the show is not really related to Madame Zelda's

So like the title of this post says, today is a big day for Madame Zelda's Zoo of Perversion Uploads.

First on the menu is the latest installment of The Perils of Piggy Painslut. Enjoy yourself watching Piggy not enjoy her Breakfast on page 18 of The Perils of Piggy Painslut

Next up is the mini Mini Midget short, Mini Midget in Dutch Blitz. This page is dedicated to my former partner of a half decade, who seemed to have a fascination with a certain sex act involving midgets. It also features a remarkably easy and fun card game called Dutch Blitz which can be played with four decks of cards. Conversely, if you'd like, you can purchase a Dutch Blitz specific deck from this website.

I've always fancied the thought of having lots of short one or two page short gag comics throughout Madame Zelda's, but this' easily the least updated section of the website, and I wonder if people even know it's there. Hopefully I'll add some more shorts soon.

In addition to these two pages, I'm also adding 5 new profiles to the still under construction Profile Pages, so check 'em out

Kyle Bridgett's Poster Art Show
May 2011 being the month of
Kyle Bridgett's 7th Art Show
Paperchase Cafe
Blowers Street Halifax, NS.

Opening Reception May 6th 2011
After Party to follow for the initiated.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Piggy Painslut Page 17

Here's the next installment of The Perils of Piggy Painslut. Enjoy and Please Donate, I'm really REALLY fucked for cash.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Over 1 million page views!!

Hey Madame Zeldites,

I was 'playing' on Google Analytics today, and I noticed that between all my comix, I've received 1,000,728 since September 2007! Woooo!

So, I just wanted to thank everyone who's visited, told their friends, and especially those who wrote to me and donated.

Also I'd like to extend an extra special thank you to those who send hate mail and insult my work and myself in public forums, etc. I'm positive your hatred created the buzz I needed to reach a million hits.  Hopefully your excessively rude and hate-filled comments will push me over the 2 million mark even faster.

-Kyle Bridgett

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Candy's Cotton Tale page 5

Well, I still don't haven't received enough money to buy a new pen, but I borrowed the money anyways, so hopefully, I won't have my internet cut off, get kicked out of my apartment and die of starvation, before I finish the next page of Madame Zelda's.

So without further bitching, here's page 5 of A Candy Cotton Tale.

Keep reading, and please donate.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Character Profiles.of Perversion

I've started a section for Character Profiles.

Of course I started with major characters, but ultimately I'd like to do every character that has even just shown up in the background. You may have noticed the same characters reappearing over and over again, and I've been asked about these characters in the past.

By my count there's over 70, with more showing up all the time. So check out Madame Zelda's Profiles of Perversion!

Also, I still can't afford to replace my broken rapidograph. In the meantime I'll keep penciling new pages, but I won't be able to update untill I replace my pen so PLEASE DONATE!