Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The shit is back!!

Well, I got my damn  pen finally. So without further Apu, here is the next installment of the critically denounced smut comic sensation,

A Candy Cotton Tail page 6

I've also put some more time into re-uploading the early pages at a larger size.

Currently, I'm up to page 3 of the Madame Zelda Shorts, page 5 of Cedric the Sissy and  Piggy Painslut,  and page 6 of Petra Puppy.

Now this is a very time consuming task, but I've made it through the first of 3 sketchbooks. The remaining sketch books are smaller in dimension then the first one (they actually fit on my scanner,) so the process should be at least twice as fast as it's been so far. Soon my pretties, all the pages will be 950pix wide (instead of 800) with more consistency in quality. Hooray!

I'm going to do my best to crank out as many pages as I can for the rest of the Summer, but I've actually been making a little money off this trash as of late, and since most of this money is from what I like to call cartoon sex work (commission stuff,) I have to focus a lot of my attention on that aspect of it. Hopefully, this won't prevent me from updating often.

But never fear valued reader, for much of this material (some of it comics) will be added to the site in the new section, which is currently under construction, The Commission Gallery (although I'll hopefully think up a better name.) Unless one of my clients specifically asks me not to post their piece, I'll be uploading all the hot pictures and comix I draw for money, as well as various pin-up art I've done over the years.

So check back often friends, and keep giving me money (this is kind of my job now,) whether you donate, buy merchandise or commission some art work, it's all so very helpful.

Play Safe,

-Kyle C. Bridgett


Anonymous said...

I love this stuff

Toby said...

completely love this stuff, please continue cottaintails story!