Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Custom Art and Comix Gallery Added

Well I finally got around to adding a custom art and comix gallery. This is where I'll be showcasing all the custom stuff I've been doing over the last three months. I've uploaded the first 3 pages, which includes the first of an 8 page comic, and I've set the rest to upload every Sunday (and sometimes Wednesday too,) till about mid October, so far.

So check out  
and keep checking back weekly for updates.

If you're interested in commissioning a piece of art or a comic, check out my rough pricing list.

Please note: it's really not possible to quote a price until I know what the project is. It really comes down to the time involved. Also, I may be willing to cut deals on ongoing projects such as comix that span several pages.


Anonymous said...

Love love LOVE this. Can't wait to see how this guy handles his diapers! Keep up the great work!!!

Candy Sissiboi said...

(curtsey) Hello Kyle,

I love the Mr. Clover forced sissybaby comic so much! It is a good companion to Cedric The Sissy. Too bad for me there is not a real Madame Zelda's for me to be stuck in so I could get the same kind of treatment, the kind that knocks out any remaining macho...LOL!