Sunday, September 11, 2011

Madame Zelda's is 4 years old!

What a long strange trip it's been.
I probably should have posted this about a week and a half ago, but Madame Zelda's has officially been on the internet for 4 years. Far out.

When I started this comic in a private sketchbook, it was never intended for public consumption. But after I showed it to a kinky friend and he laughed his face off, I decided to suck up my pride and share my sickness with the internets. Now it's for years later and Madame Zelda's spans 5 different titles, over 100 pages and has been viewed in virtually every country in the world. Am I ashamed of myself you may ask, well casually, yes I am. But with over 283000 visits, over 171000 unique visitors, comprising well over 1000000 pageviews, I can't complain. That's not true, I can complain about one thing....

I'm still broke as frick.

If you wish to help out a hard working, smut peddlin' cartoonist, whose been tickling your funny bone (and your funny boner,) for over four years, please donate, order some custom art and/or buy some merchandise. This is kind of my job right now, and if I hope to keep scrapin' by without a real nine to five, I need your hard earned scratch. Every bit helps.

Thanks for everything, and I'll see ya in the funny pages,

Kyle Bridgett.

PS. The Custom Art Gallery is updated till the end of October, so at the very least there will be updates there every Sunday and some Wednesdays


Toby said...

I'm sorry, and I absolutely love your comix and I hope I don't get sent to the dungeon for this (actually I do) but if this is your 9-5 and you're pumping out about 1 comic a month...I just can't imagine contributing financially to it.

Why not try finishing an entire comic and selling the completed collection on etsy? (why not try finishing an entire comic period) Or even posting more often, just think about the amount of people who would look at your site daily if you did? It would be a lot easier to get better advertising, and possibly have polls to find out where you're demographic is primarily, and then possibly figuring out what porn, or sex toy studios would be interested in advertising for your space.

I hope i'm not being to abrupt, but I really enjoy your blog and hope you continue it, and hopefully churn out comics at a faster pace.

goodbunny2000 said...

@Toby- I'm making most of my money doing commission work, so I've been updating my actual comix less (although my commissions gallery updates weekly sometimes twice weekly.) I also do band posters and sell original art.

With my style of comix, it's hard to do more than one page a week. Most Webcomix are 4 panels a page, most comic book pages are 6-8 panels a page. I usually do 12-16 panels a page.

I could pull off two pages a week (one being Dick Dogdick) if I was getting enough donations that I didn't need to do commissions and poster work.

If you want to visit Madame Zelda's Dungeon, order a commission drawing or comic (I can do drawings over night) if you want to see more comic pages, donate. If you want to waste my time, keep bitching.