Tuesday, December 20, 2011

See you next year.

Petra Puppy page 34 is up. I tried something a little different spatially with this page, hope you enjoy it.

It was actually an adaptation of a commission request from Micman4202, that just happened to fit nicely into the story.

As I said last week, this will most likely be my last update of 2011, I wanted to talk about some of this comix accomplishments this year.

2011 was a pretty crazy year for me. I turned 28, forever denying myself the Morrison/Joplin/Hendrix/etc. 27 year old death mystique (although I came close,) I ended a 5 year relationship with a woman, quit a 4 year long job selling guns, had a minor mental breakdown, started a new relationship with a young man, traveled to Paris and I made a real living off of my art for the first time (albeit a hand to mouth living.) But all in all, the chaos in my life seemingly had a positive influence on my art. Who knew?

2011 marked the 4 year anniversery of Madame Zelda's Zoo of Perversion and the 100th page and 1 millionth pageview. I drew 27 new official pages (more than 2 a month,) as well as 10 commissioned comix and a dozens of other drawings, banners, etc. Also several new features were added: the Profile Page, the Store of Perversion and the Custom Art Gallery.

Of course 2011 was also a good year for web traffic (the best yet.) According to Google Analytics, Madame Zelda's Zoo of Perversion received (as of December 20th, 2011):

Total Visits: 122,153 (twice as many as last year, and over 42000 more than my previous best year.)

Absolute Unique Visitors: 79,818 (with similar past comparisons to the above stat)

Total Page Views: 488,132 (which is about half of the page views I had received in total from 2007-the beginning of this year)

We also beat our previous record for most visits in one day (1247,) one week ( 5600,) and one month (15800.)

So what's next for Zelda's? Well, I'm going to try my best to be as productive as possible this coming year, though with my mounting life plans, I probably won't complete as many pages as this year. I do plan on getting all of the scanned pages up to the same size and quality of scans (another project I started this year,) I also hope to re-tool the site and make it both prettier and user friendly. 

Well, see you next year,


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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your webcomic. It has given me so many ideas!
When are you going to update again?