Saturday, December 17, 2011

Since you crazy kids were so keen on last weeks Petra Puppy update, here's the next page for you. I hope you enjoy it. You may also be pleased to hear that I'm nearly done page 34, so I'll probably be posting that on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, since I'll be going out of town to celebrate the holiday season with my family, I won't have a scanner handy and thus Petra Puppy page 34 will more than likely be my last post of 2011.


Unless I receive an overwhelming amount of donations, in which case I'll drag myself away from my family for long enough to find an internet cafe with a scanner.

Otherwise, I'll speak to you all on Wednesday and then NEXT YEAR


Anonymous said...

Hope you have a happy Holidays with your family!

Sir Spankalot said...

Oh my, that was fantastic. :D