Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Piggy's through the wringer...and so am I

Here's the latest Piggy Painslut Page . If you're into wacky girl defiling machines, this page'll be right up your alley.

On another note, my internet got shut off due to non payment. So until I get my service restored, I'm going to be unable to update (I can't afford to sit in a cafe either.)

So... if anyone wants to you know.... DONATE some money, I'll get back to work delivering this ridiculous cartoon smut, to you hard working perverts. AND if you care to, I certainly take title requests (ei which comic to update) whenever I receive a healthy donation (delivered in a week.)


More ways you can give me money, that is. You can totally hire me. Commission me to draw you, or your fursona, or even one of my characters doing horrible things in your very own Madame Zelda's Zoo of Perversion custom artwork or comic (you can even buy the original.) CUSTOM GALLERY for samples. SAMPLE PRICING LIST this is only a guideline all prices need to be negotiated for each job, sometimes I can work cheaper, some projects cost a little extra.

OK, so let's review. No internet, comic on indefinite hiatus. Give me your hard earned money, you can call it an early birthday gift (if its after Sunday call it a belated birthday gift.)