Thursday, August 16, 2012

Well, this is awkward...

Hey there kiddies,

Its me, Kyle Charles Trouble Bridgett. I guess you've noticed that I haven't been around much.
Well bad news, that's probably going to continue. Remember 6 months ago when I was unemployed, drawing all the time, and milking this comic for every filthy nickle it was worth? Well that ended when I started working 50-60 hours at two crappy jobs and had no time to draw.

So what's going on now in my life? I'm going to school. Yup me, perverted 30 year old cartoonist hack, goin' to art school. Which means, I probably won't have time to draw much smut over the next four years. But have no fear, whenever I can, I will still update this trash.

On a side note, Madame Zelda's is rounding out 5 years on the internet, which I figure is worth an update. Wow, 5 years, half a million visits, 350 000 unique visitors, 2 million page views. That's a lot of blown minds (not to mention loads!) Thanks for everything. Check out Candy Cotton Tale Page 8 !