Price list

What else is new? Well, I've opened up Madame Zelda's for commissions, and while my first customers have been furries, I'm  open to drawing commissioned works of just characters from my comic, as well as creating new characters to represent you or whoever you desire. Below are samples and commission info, if your interested let me know at

Each of these price points include 1 fursona, to convert another character to an existing fursona there's a $10 charge for foreground characters, and $5 for background ones. You follow me?

Single character (fursona) w/simple background or text, Badge style $25 + $15 if you want the original.

 Sample: Gamer Kitty


Two characters w/simple background or text $40 + $15 for the original.

 Sample: Loupy Loupin

 Two characters w/complex background (one that includes background characters, equipment or that may tell a story) or simple background AND text $55 + $20 for the original.

Sample: Kitty of Flame

3 or 4 characters w/ complex background $75 + $25 for original.

Sample: Trajan and Rael Bunny


Its hard to price these (workin' on it,) but the charge is generally $15-$20 per panel, usually 8 per page max, minimum 4 per page. ($35 per original page)

I do tend to charge less if you commission a few pages at once.

First of all, I WON'T DRAW

c\Copyrighted characters (ie. Disney specific or a pokemon, etc.)

Crazy Fantasy Characters (I'll draw dragons, orcs and unicorns,etc. but they'll be more humanized)

Cub art or characters that are clearly children in sexualized situations (I don't judge, I just don't want trouble.)

Ridiculous things, like shitting dick nipples.
Colour work, not that I can't, it just takes too long and I don't like doing it.

Extreme fetish acts such as bdsm, AB/dl, straight/bi/gay/trans/herm, hardcore sex, sissification, humiliation, watersports, scat (esp. messy diapers,) and HUMOUR

Anything I draw, I retain the rights to. You can post it and use it in anyway, so long as it's not commercial (we can negotiate for these rights though.) You are welcome to edit it in certain ways (such as colourization, etc.) but please attribute whoever deserves credit for the editing.
Unless you request that I DON"T post the picture, I assume, you don't mind me posting it.
If you opt NOT to buy the original, I reserve the right to sell it at a later date (If you don't buy it first.)

I accept payment, tips and donations through Paypal and EMT
I don't accept trades, but I will post fan art on my comic page.

I guess that's it, I'll knock money off of the price if I ONLY have to draw MY CHARACTERS.
The prices are just a guideline, if I think your piece is going to be more work than my price warrants than I'll let you know before accepting payment.